A Summer Jam for your consideration (Seattle, and also the world)  

Here we are, playing at the Fremont Fair!  Haven’t done that for 21 years…..I will promise to dig up embarrassing photos of us playing in  parking lot in 1994(?), if you promise to come to this… it’s your only shot in ’15!  Your only shot!



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these are coming right up!  Come see us play (as always) the VAST MAJORITY of our POPULAR RECORD, along with various hits and misses from our OTHER RECORDS, with a few sprinkled in from our NEW RECORD!

head over to GIGS for ticket links!






June 19 KANSAS CITY (free!)

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Here’s the super cool LA show that was A SECRET until now….FYF!  

So that happened, and we’ll be part of the FYF Fest this August!

FYF has a bad word in it when said in full, so I will stick to the abbreviation.  Everyone, we will see you there.

for all of our other hot US dates this summer, including Midwest dates coming right up in JUNE, click here for the GIGS page!


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Here we go! This is just about everything we’re doing this year.  August is busy-pants, so hop to it!  Return visits to our pals in the Northeast, and a bunch of Western places! These all go ONSALE TODAY AT 9:00 AM (except Denver which is tomorrow, because pot is legal there or something). Links are up!  GO get!

8/06 NYC Irving Plaza

8/08 Washington DC 9:30 Club

8/09  Boston Paradise

8/10 Philadelphia Union Transfer

8/12 Cleveland House Of Blues

8/13 Pittsburgh Altar Bar

8/20 Denver Gothic Theatre 

8/22 Park City  Park City Live

8/23 Las Vegas House Of Blues

8/26 Santa Cruz The Catalyst

8/27 San Francisco Slim’s



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I pasted the latest email here, as a test of my html skills!  

Hi There!

Let's catch up.  



OMG we have a new album that may interest you!  Here is a photo of a physical cd, which you could easily find online, or pester your local record store about.  Click the photo to buy it digitally from us! Or perhaps you prefer iTunes. Yes, there is also Vinyl, but I don't know how to locate that for you.  Get ahold of our distributor Burnside and they will tell you who stocks it in your area….we'll be selling it direct soon, too!



Tickets for these shows in June go onsale this Friday, but you guys can use fancy presale techniques to get yours right now (for Chicago and Springfield) or tomorrow (for Cincinnati, Detroit, and Indy)!  Just go to the ticket links below, and use the password ACCESS.


  • 6/12 Cincinnati, OH     Bogarts                                                            http://bit.ly/1l57ziN
  • ?6/13 Detroit, MI            St Andrew's Hall                                             http://bit.ly/1l57Fa6
  • 6/14 Indianapolis, IN   Old National Center                                        http://bit.ly/1hYHqPX
  • 6/17 Chicago, IL          House Of Blues                                               http://bit.ly/1pySohS
  • 6/18 Springfield, MO   Gillioz Theatre                                                 http://bit.ly/1dpA5Ma

           6/19 Leawood, KS        Town Center Plaza (free show!)?

so there you have it, and I can also tell you that in a week or two I will be announcing a bunch more US dates later this Summer.  So don't despair!





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Pre SALEZ, June USA!  

Ok, all the ticket links are in place.  Look at them here:

the are PRE SALES that you should know about!  Hear me now as I tell you about them…..

Cincinnati, Detroit and Indianapolis: Pre sale is 3/27 , 10am to 10pm….password: ACCESS

Chicago and Springfield: Pre sale is 3/26 (10am) till 3/27 (10pm)….password: ACCESS

I have a vague sense that getting your tickets rely during pre sales is a good thing for us, although I couldn’t say why, exactly.  But it is good, so please do it!

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(kudos to) USA DATES!  


As threatened…..we are actually making an actual trip to the actual Midwest this Summer.  These shows all go on sale this Friday, and I will pummel you with ticket links as soon as they work.  There may be some “presale” deals happening, so stay tuned…I’ll tweep and twoop about them, as I get info….also we’ll be announcing more US dates (in August) in a couple weeks.

but OMG you guys here are the June dates:

06/12/14 Cincinnati, Oh Bogart’s
06/13/14 Detroit, MI St. Andrew’s Hall
06/14/14 Indianapolis, IN Deluxe at Old National Centre
06/17/14 Chicago, IL House of Blues
06/18/14 Springfield, MO Gillioz Theatre
06/19/14 Leawood, KS Town Center Plaza
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AK AK AK AK (you oughta know by now)  

In May we return to Alaska! ALASKA!  Two of our favorite places, Anchorage and Fairbanks.  I can’t believe it’s been 4 years.  Anyway, tell all your Alaskan friends…especially if you are also yourself an Alaskan! ALASKAN!  May 1 and 2.

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goodbye, PUSAFEST ’14!  


OMG you guys, OMG.

what a great friggen weekend. We had so much fun, and you all absolutely CRUSHED IT with your AUDIENCING! 90% sure AUDIENCING is not a word, but you get the idea. LETS DO IT NEXT YEAR!!!

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ADMIRE THIS (it’s a video, of ourselves)  

Using a stunning combination of technical savvy and mental toughness, I have embedded the video below….behold Poor Little Me from our album that is almost out omg two more weeks.

DO THE RIGHT THING and head over to our Pledgemusic page to pick up the new slab plus a bonus live record now, or later when you’re not breaking company policy by surfing on your work computer.

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