For many years, the New Yorker has prefaced their concert calendar with the following disclaimer:

Musicians and night-club proprietors live complicated lives; it’s advisable to call ahead to confirm engagements.

This may be the single most helpful sentence in the history of performed music. Here’s what we’re up to as far as we know. Another fun thing you can do while you are here is glance at the amazing PUSABASE site. It’s built by the equally amazing Zeke, who is a regular on our forum. Go there and give him some grief! It’s very easy to upload stuff there. Got a set list? Add it! Kiss your wife for the 1st time at a PUSA gig? Eat a bad oyster? Get kicked out for throwing a snow machine through a plate glass door (you know who you are)? Share your cherished memories!

No shows booked at the moment.